Hot Talks

XYF Hot Talks for high school students begins at 8:00 PM in the fellowship hall for food, fun, small groups, prayers and more. Students will be finished at 9:00 PM. XYF Hot Talks begins in August and ends during Lent. See the listed dates below. 

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Break February 17-March 31

Resume April 7-14

Baccalaureate Ceremony April 21

Upcoming Events

This semester in Hot Talks, we will be exploring the life of David. Each week, we will read about and discuss different periods of his life, from his years as a shepherd, to a king, to being a father. 

Throughout his life, God stood by His side and worked through him- just as He does us. 

We hope you will join us! 

  • The Shepherd

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  • The warrior

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  • The hunted

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  • the king

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  • the sinner

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  • the father

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