Adult Bible Studies

In addition to regular Bible studies on Sunday morning and Wednesday night, here are some other opportunities for you to dig into God's Word with others:

  • Tuesday Morning Men's Breakfast Study

    Meets at 7:00 am at the Russ's Market eatery (Labor Day through Memorial Day). This group of 8 to 12 enjoys light breakfast or coffee while engaging together in lively, informal discussion and study. The gathering concludes promptly at 7:50 so that everyone can get to work on time.  

  • Women's bible study - Warrior Women: deborah

    God desires each of His children to follow His call. But sometimes the battles we fight for God's kingdom defy our expectations, leading us to trust Him more deeply. A faithful warrior for Christ will choose obedience over personal glory, humility instead of pride, and truth spoken with grace. This five-session series will explore the story of Deborah, Barak, and Jael, and discover what being a warrior for God looks like. Please contact Ellen Jank or Donna Buss to sign up for this study.

  • Wednesday Morning Sermon Discussion

    This class is led by Pastor Paul every Wednesday morning at 9:00 am throughout the year. They spend time discussing the previous week's sermon, leading to new insights and personal application. Come for good fellowship and discussion.

  • young women's bible study - The Book of Romans part 2

    Once a month through April, the Young Women's Bible Study will cover 3 lessons from this study on the Book of Romans (part 2), available on RightNow Media. This study is a continuation of the study of Romans (part 1) completed in the Fall. Contact Lisa Bulas for more details or to RSVP.

  • THEO Pub

    The first Thursday of every month, a group of men meets together at Steeple Brewing Company on 1st Street to talk about sports, family, relationships, fatherhood, current events and the study of God's Word. TheoPub begins at 6:30pm.


    The fourth Thursday of every month, a group of women (21 and over) meet together at Rival's for a monthly informal Bible Study.

  • Kindling Faith Groups

    Kindling Faith groups consist of 3-5 people who meet weekly over a period of 2 months. They include daily Bible readings, group discussion, and practice in Christ-like leadership. Kindling Faith groups meet at various times and places; contact DCE Wade Johnson if you are interested in participating.