Celebrations of Faith

As each child grows and matures in faith, we celebrate certain milestones in their journey. There is a Celebration of Faith approximately once per year as a child moves from 2 years old through their high school graduation. In their senior year of high school, students will create a cross made from tiles commemorating each Celebration of Faith they have experienced.

  • Baptism celebration

    Every January, this celebration event gathers all those baptized in the previous year for a special presentation during Sunday worship.

    Goal: Reminds us that while baptism grants God's grace to an individual, it also connects each person to the family of believers.

  • Entry into sunday school (pRe-k)

    Children are encouraged to being Sunday School with their parents at age 2. Families again gather at the communion rail during Sunday worship for the presentation of a Bible storybook. 

    Goal: Parents will begin the important practice of telling the stories of the Bible to their children.

  • Advent family devotions (Grades 1-2)

    1st and 2nd graders and their parents gather to make an Advent calendar or an Advent wreath. The families then have the time to practice a simple format for family devotions. 

    Goal: Parents continue the practice of family devotions throughout the year.

  • Entry to confirmation celebration (Grade 3)

    3rd grade is the official beginning of confirmation study. Parents will present Bibles to their children during a Sunday worship service.

    Goal: Parents can help their children learn to use their Bibles in personal and family devotions at home.

  • learning to worship (Grade 4)

    4th graders and their parents gather for a workshop to learn about worship services and ways that elementary aged children can fully participate in the service on Sundays.

    Goal: Parents and children will work at engaging in the worship services each week.

  • learning to pray (Grade 5)

    5th graders focus on prayer activities throughout the year during their midweek studies. In the fall, a Wednesday evening workshop invites children and their parents to experience different types and styles of prayer.

    Goal: Parents and students will be ever mindful of the power of prayer and expand their prayers from memorized prayers to conversation with God.

  • Seder meal celebration (Grade 6)

    6th graders study the sacraments on Wednesday evenings. On Maundy Thursday, before the worship service, 6th graders and their parents will participate in a seder meal, just like the Passover meal that Jesus celebrated with his disciples the day before his death.

    Goal: Parents and students would learn about this traditional meal and how it relates to our celebration of the Lord's Supper today.

  • Soul patrol (grades 7-8)

    Service learning and fellowship activities offered monthly for students in 7th and 8th grade.

    Goal: Students begin to learn new ways to interact with others in their age group as they move towards confirmation.

  • journeys of faith (grades 7-12)

    Middle and high school students are encouraged to participate in a variety of service and event trips.

    Goal: Through travel, students will learn about putting their faith in action in the world outside our own community.

  • confirmation celebration (Grade 8)

    8th graders gather around the communion rail for a blessing as they become confirmed members of the congregation. They will participate in their first communion at this special worship service in May.

    Goal: Students will be equipped to continually grow in faith as they transition into confirmed members of the congregation and take an active role in the family of faith.

  • VBS Shepherd (Grades 8-12)

    Students in grades 8-12 take on leadership roles at Vacation Bible School.

    Goal: Train students to be leaders in our congregation and equip them for leadership, wherever they end up in the future.

  • XYF Youth group (grades 9-12)

    High school youth group encompasses experiences that encourage personal faith growth through Bible Study; a community of caring via small groups in Hot Talks; fellowship and service events with others in the congregation as well as age specific activities.

    Goal: Support our high school youth as they grow in faith and prepare for their adult lives as Christians.