Sunday Adult Bible Studies

  • Sunday Lessons (E-100)

    Bring your Bible for this study that digs deeper into the assigned Scripture Lessons for the day. 

    Meets in lower level Room 9.

  • The Despised (E-200)

    We will look at some of the Bible's least beloved characters, encountering the contempt they feel from others and the liberation of redemption that Christ came to offer a broken world. Meets in rooms 102-103.

  • Basic Bible Truths (P-101)

    This class is for those wanting to become members of Faith Lutheran Church, or those members wanting a review of what we believe and teach. All are welcome to learn the basics of what it means to be a Lutheran Christian. Meets in lower level Room 11.

  • Enough (P-301) (BEGINS OCTOBER 14TH)

    The Enough Stewardship Program challenges Christian to reclaim a healthy, biblical perspective on their money and possessions. Learn principles that will help you experience contentment, overcome fear and discover joy through simplicity and generosity. Meets in lower level Fellowship Hall.