Sunday Adult Bible Studies

  • Sunday Lessons (E-100)

    Bring your Bible for this study that digs deeper into the assigned Scripture Lessons for the day. 

    Meets on the main level in the Library (Room 101).

  • Nooma (P-102) (begins August 18th)

    Join the Board of Evangelism for three weeks as they use videos from the Nooma series to lead us into deeper discussions about faith and following Jesus. Week #1 - "Rhythm" - What does it mean to have a relationship with God?

    Meets in lower level Room 11.

  • How We got the Bible (H-202) (begins AUgust 18th)

    This study from Lutheran Hour Ministries will survey the historical development and publication history of the Bible as it has come down to use through the centuries. Learn more about how the Bible is God's book, God's holy Word revealed to people like you and me.

    Meets in lower level Fellowship Hall.

  • The FIVE love languages (P-201) (Begins August 18th)

    In this seven-session video study, we will look at how people express and receive love in different ways. In this series by Gary Chapman, we will look at what the five love languages are, what our language is, and what the love language is of those we love. Meets in Rooms 102-103.